Gabriel & Rebecca Mendez

Welcome to Abundant Life Christian Fellowship‘s website and although it is still in progress, we want you to know that we are hard at work making it all that it can be.  Any resource God gives us will be used to shed light on how wonderful and awesome He is.  We are very excited about living for and serving Jesus Christ!  It is most certainly the best decision we’ve ever made.

We love the opportunity God has given us to work alongside many awesome people of God!  We all work together to bring God the very best of what He has given us.  The family at Abundant Life is just that…”a family” and we welcome you to be a part of that family too. We love, we laugh, we grow, we stay busy, we learn, we give back, we stumble and maybe even fall at times, but we get right back up! That is possible only because He helps us. We have come to know how important it is to rely on Him. We can tell you that serving God and being a follower of Jesus Christ is all roses and sweet fragrances, but that is simply not true. We live in this world and even though we do, we are not part of this world. We are merely passing through.  We no longer devote ourselves to the things of this world.  We now devote ourselves to God.  Although some people may think Christians are dull and boring, they haven’t seen us!  We are crazy in love with God and are always ready and willing to express our love to Him and His love to those around us.  He has been so good to us…how could we not? He is good to us every day…

E V E R Y day!

What we focus on at Abundant Life is learning to honor God a little more every day.  That is it. If you think that sounds good, stop by and see us. We invite you to come and see what God is doing in our midst.  He has given us PEACE, JOY, HOPE AND LOVE among many other things! He truly is an awesome God! So awesome “He sent His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.”  We don’t know about you, but we want eternal life! This life is good and all, but it will come to an end!  Nobody knows when! We just have to be ready! That is what we Abundant Lifers do!  We…

  • Honor God
  • Share His Love
  • Preach the Gospel

…and we work diligently every day in order to be ready for His return!  Are you ready?  If not, come be ready with us!

We welcome you with open arms just like He did for us.   God bless you ABUNDANTLY!

Pastors Gabriel & Rebecca Mendez